International Study Group


The International Study Group provides members with the opportunity to learn about cultures across the globe, studying in depth a country or region selected by the group at the end of each year. Study is occasionally extended to two years for regional studies.

Meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of odd numbered months. Field trips are not unheard of. February includes (optional) a road trips to the “Great Decisions Lecture Series” held annually at the Lynchburg Public Library.

Past studies have included China, India, and Turkey and the Balkans

2012: Brazil

2013-2014: Scandinavia / Nordic Countries

2015-2016: Japan

2016-2017: Indonesia

2018-2019: Australia

2019-2020: Morocco

2021-2022: Canada

For information contact Pat Bratcher 540-400-0305